How it was implemented

Here is a timeline of how we get started with Proscoin  and where we are going further

  • May2017

    Proscoin Platform Idea (Jan 21 – Aug 21)


    Coding the Token

    Deploying the Token

    Finished Token creation

  • Aug2021

    Phase 1 (Aug 21 – Dec 21)

    Smart contract audit
    Partnership with Youtube influencers
    Partnership with other coins
    Dev is getting DOXXED on AMA session
    Cross-chain bridge/swaps
    CMS Reddit post
    Website relaunch
    Token burn
    25,000 holders

  • Jan2022

    Phase 2 (Jan 22 – Mar 22)

    Aggressive marketing rollout

    Charity donations
    Solid partnerships (utility focused)
    User rewards program
    Token burn
    50,000 holders

  • Apr2022

    Phase 3 (Apr 22 – Aug 22)

    CEX listings
    Main partnership
    Launching PROS Swap App
    Real world events
    150,000 holders

  • Sep2022

    Phase 4 (Sep 22 – Onward)

    Swap App Operation

  • Oct2022

    Phase 5

    Launching PRX – Alternative Crypto Payment Method App
    Setting up PRX Company and its development
    Cooperation with ecommerce stores
    Massive donation to fog shelter/charity ($100k+)